Monday, 19 October 2009

Just to apologise for not posting on here recently - life's been a bit hectic. I've basically been given the geeky job of my dreams, editing for sci-fi and horror publishers Solaris Books and Abaddon Books, at Rebellion. There's a big commute involved, but I'm really happy with the work I'm doing.

Haven't found anything too unprofessional/incriminating on this page so I'll be using this blogspot account to contribute to staff blogs here:

And also I'll keep updating Under the Goggles with thoughts on the industry and so on.

And yes, change of job does mean that I can no longer wear goggles to work. Sigh...


  1. One would think that, editing science fiction, goggles might be occasionally required. Just to avoid eyes melting from radiation, alien invasion or sheer awesomeness.

  2. There is a lot of sheer awesomeness about, in the office today.